First experience in the Italian panorama, the aim of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Regional Fund is to support the development of local film companies and promote the regional audiovisual works in national and international markets. The Fund operates in three main sectors: training, to encourage the participation of local audiovisual professional in national and international courses for directors, scriptwriters, producers, editors, camera operators, and sound engineers; development, to cover all the activities between the idea and the production phase, from the script writing and the research, to the casting, the fund raising and the presentation of a promo; distribution, along with the promotion of the projects, this last action includes a financial support to cover the production expenses, so as to create more competitive products.
Along with the ordinary management of the fund, the FVG AUDIOVISUAL FUND has organized several events aimed at creating platforms for cinema professionals from all around the world and developing the local audiovisual industry. The main purpose is to offer new training possibilities and set up new market places, where professionals can meet up, share experiences and start to collaborate. These are some of the main activities the FVG AUDIOVISUAL FUND has organized in the last few years:
WHEN EAST MEETS WEST – Co-production Forum
WHEN EAST MEETS WEST is a co-production event organized by the FVG AUDIOVISUAL FUND and the TRIESTE FILM FESTIVAL in collaboration with EAVE, MAIA WORKSHOPS, CREATIVE EUROPE DESK ITALY, EURIMAGES, and the support of CREATIVE EUROPE – MEDIA subprogramme of the European Union, MiBACT – Direzione Centrale per il Cinema, CEI – Central European Initiative and the AUTONOMOUS REGION OF FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA. The upcoming edition of When East Meets West (Trieste – January 22-24, 2017) will have for the first time an East & West double focus, bringing together over 350 film professionals from all over Europe and, in particular, from the 2017 spotlight territories: France and the Baltic Countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). All 20 selected producers will pitch their projects – feature films and documentaries in development – to a large panel of decision makers attending the event and will have the opportunity to set individual meetings. The main aim is to set up a platform where it is possible to meet funds representatives, commissioning editors, sales agents and possible co-producers from both sides of Europe. Along with the WEMW Co-production Forum, When East Meets West 2017 will include the training programme designed for 3 long feature fiction films in editing phase from Eastern Europe and Italy First Cut Lab, the work in progress section for documentaries Last Stop Trieste and the think-tank platform #FEEDback. Furthermore, thanks to the precious cooperation and support of CNC – Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, Estonian Film Institute, Lithuanian Film Centre and National Film Centre of Latvia, WEMW will bring together a large delegation of film professionals from France and the Baltic region, and will present a series of panels and case studies dedicated to the co-production opportunities with the spotlight territories. The main goal is to offer a complete and detailed overview of both film industries, so to offer to all participants the chance to fully understand the co-production and distribution possibilities. For more info please have a look at www.wemw.it.
TIES THAT BIND – Asia / Europe Co-Production Workshop
TIES THAT BIND is an innovative programme designed to assist 10 producers from Asia and Europe with potential European-Asian co-production projects. In the seven years of its existence, the workshop has become the most relevant and successful training programme for developing European-Asian co-production. TIES THAT BIND is supported by the CREATIVE EUROPE – MEDIA subprogramme of the European Union and was set up in 2009 by the FVG Audiovisual Fund, EAVE, Udine Far East Film Festival with the collaboration of the Busan International Film Festival and, starting from last year, in partnership with SAAVA (Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association), founder of the Southeast Asian Film Financing Forum (SAFF) in Singapore.
TIES THAT BIND is targeted at 10 Asian & European producers with projects. Starting from 2015 the call is open in addition also to other European professionals interested in working with Asia (sales agents, financiers, distributors, festival programmers, co-production market representatives) or producers without project. 5 of them will be selected to be an active part of the group.
REACT (Regional Audiovisual Cooperation and Training)
RE-ACT is a transregional initiative for co-developing audiovisual projects and fostering international co-productions. Set up in 2015 by the CROATIAN AUDIOVISUAL CENTRE, FVG AUDIOVISUAL FUND (IT) and SLOVENIAN FILM CENTRE, RE-ACT has two components: an innovative co-development funding scheme for feature -length projects, and a series of specifically targeted training programmes taking place alongside the annual international Framework workshop at TORINOFILMLAB.
The initiative is a natural progression, stemming from a successful and long-standing history of cooperation between the three film funds. In the last few years alone, this collaboration has resulted in the development of several training/networking activities, as well as the joint funding of several multi-award-winning co-productions. TORINOFILMLAB will play an important role in the RE-ACT initiative over the next three years: it will be the main training and professional platform for the scheme, offering much-needed expertise in script and project development, as well as enabling further collaboration throughout the region.
EURODOC 2009/2011
In 2009 the FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA AUDIOVISUAL FUND started a long-term cooperation with EURODOC, one of the leading training programmes designed towards European professionals of the documentary field. The FVG Film Commission has developed the project in collaboration with the SLOVENIAN FILM FUND and the CROATIAN AUDIOVISUAL CENTER, so to welcome every year one producer from each of the three neighbouring countries and strength the collaboration with South-East European audiovisual professionals. At the end of September the city of Gorizia will host both the third session of the international programme and the first edition of the Eurodoc trans-regional workshop, offering to a group of 12 professionals (4 from Slovenia, 4 from Croatia and 4 from Friuli Venezia Giulia), a full access to this training course alongside the other European participants.

EAVE – Training – Development – Networking
European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, EAVE, is a professional training, project development and networking organization for audiovisual producers. Working with a worldwide network of partners we are involved in programmes for producers in Europe, Russia, Latin America, the Arab world, Asia and Africa.
EAVE Europe
EAVE’s flagship programme has been running for over twenty years and has created a thriving network of over 1,400 European graduates. It is year-long programme focussed on three intensive weeks featuring professional development through working on the development of fiction and documentary projects.
EAVE+ is a workshop event for independent producers from Europe and the rest of the world with a solid track record and international experience, wishing to network with their colleagues from Europe and the rest of the world over one long weekend (4 days). High profile international key note speakers will be invited to jointly discuss with the invited producers issues of business development, new business models, future ways of financing/producing/distributing films, company sustainability and future developments of the international market, taking a look also at other industries and best practices on an international level. EAVE+ is especially designed for professionals wishing to extend their network internationally and to actively participate in a global forum seeking new opportunities and models for the future.
The EAVE Marketing Workshop offers a four-day intensive programme exploring film marketing throughout the process of development, production, festival screening, exhibition and distribution. It emphasizes a ‘hands-on’ and practical approach working on the participants’ projects and films (in all stages of development), the latest market trends and innovative methods of marketing and audience engagement.
EAVE International
PUENTES – EAVE Europe – Latin America Producers Workshop
Puentes features two workshops: one in Europe and the other one in Montevideo. The programme brings together producers and other professionals from Latin America and Europe to work together on their feature projects in development. They will work together with leading experts from both continents on script development, co-production between Latin America and Europe, financing in the two regions, legal aspects of co-production, marketing, pitching and promotion, and will meet with decision makers during both sessions. The programme also features a special partnership with VENTANA SUR in Buenos Aires..
TIES THAT BIND EAVE Asia – Europe Producers Workshop
Ties That Bind brings together Asian and European producers with feature film projects and related professionals during two workshops, guided by top-level Asian and European industry professionals. During the two workshops in Udine, during the Udine Far East Film Festival and in Singapore during the Southeast Asian Film Financing Forum the participating producers will work on the development and packaging of their projects, explore the sources of financing, market and co-production opportunities in both continents, and will meet with decision makers during both sessions.
EAVE on Demand
In addition to EAVE’s European and international schemes, EAVE also offers tailor-made “à la carte” workshops. Previous EAVE ON DEMAND workshops have been organised in Albania, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Dubai, Estonia, France, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Nigeria, Palestine, Russia, Spain and Trinidad & Tobago.

The Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA) is a non-profit association that seeks to unify media producers in the region. The association’s mission is to advance creative development across the region, promote Southeast Asian media content and capabilities internationally, as well as stimulate business collaborations between its members. With a population of more than 626 million and a robust growing economy, the region provides tremendous opportunities for the media and entertainment industry. By strengthening regional alliances and partnerships between established producers, as well as encouraging and mentoring new media professionals, SAAVA aims to help its members ride on the growth of the region and succeed on international markets. Our members include producers, financiers, directors, distributors and exhibitors from the film, TV and digital media sectors.

SAAVA’s Programs & Initiatives:
Southeast Asian Film Financing Forum (SAFF)
The SAFF is an annual summit for feature film producers. Part of the Singapore Media Festival that is held every year in December, the forum brings together international producers and decision makers.
SAAVA Creative Lab
The Creative Lab identifies, incubates and internationalizes the best IPs from Southeast Asia through a partnership with private enterprises specializing in IP management across multiple platforms.
SAAVA Academy
The Academy organizes and conducts workshops, masterclasses, and courses to lift up filmmaking standards and promote best practices, providing certification that is recognized around the region.

SAAVA’s Objectives are:
1.To promote co-productions and collaborations between media producers in Southeast Asia
2.To facilitate skills-enhancement, and adoption of best practices, and technologies
3.To organize media industry-related events in Southeast Asia and on virtual platforms
4.To offer prizes, awards, grants and sponsorships to media students and professionals, and accreditation for media professionals
5.To develop and provide information and database resources for media professionals and organizations in Southeast Asia
6.To spur research, development and institution of industry best practices and codes of conduct
7.To develop and establish connections with similar organisations and associations globally
8.To promote Southeast Asian media content internationally, Southeast Asia as a location for media production, and Southeast Asian producers as co-production collaborators

Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche (C.E.C.) is a cultural organization founded in Udine in 1973 with the aim of promoting and presenting the best of national and world cinema. C.E.C. has evolved into a key organization for cultural development in the region, presenting a broad year-round programme of film premieres, retrospectives and educational events. Thanks to the well-known movie theatres Cinema Visionario (3 screens for a total of 400 seats, plus a vast exhibition space, located in downtown Udine) and Cinema Centrale (2 screens) in Udine, C.E.C. has been, since the 1980s, a highly regarded gathering spot that gives the locals the unique opportunity to watch the kind of films that often are neglected by big distribution companies. The daily programming of Cinema Visionario focuses on previews and themed retrospectives on national and international filmmakers, with the participation of directors, actors and producers.

April 21st – 29th, 2017
19th edition
Premieres, Discoveries, Tributes, Retrospectives
The World’s Largest Showcase of Popular Asian Cinema
Born in 1999 after the success achieved in 1998 by the Hong Kong Film focus, Far East Film is about to reach its 19th edition in Udine (Italy) and still represents a unique opportunity to experience current trends in East Asian filmmaking. Every year, during its nine days of screenings, Far East Film offers the chance to watch the most successful recent Asian releases as well as staging important retrospectives. In the pleasant, informal and relaxing festival mood, the newest feature films from the Far East (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) are presented along with tributes and focuses on specific directors.

Growing every year, the 18th Udine FEFF was the world’s largest showcase of Asian Popular Cinema: a total of 60.000 viewers and more than 1.200 accredited guests coming from 20 different countries, plus more than 60 VIPs (film directors, stars, producers and Asian film experts), 200 international/domestic journalists, 50 buyers, and representatives of 20 International Film Festivals attended FEFF 2016.

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